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  • Individual buying & selling
  • Conveyancing
  • SMSF
  • Property Developer looking for a new perspective

Whether it’s simple or complex, we are committed to your property growth.

Commercial litigation and

dispute resolution

  • Individuals
  • Company
  • Settlements to save legal costs

When business turns sour, our approach is mediation, however if the situation changes rapidly, we have the strategies and the expertise to deliver litigation success in your best interest. from start to finish.

Estate planning,
Wills and Will dispute

  • Create a will
  • Defend & Contest a will

Making a will is an effective choice to safeguard your family members and provide protection in the event of a will dispute. Our estate planning and sensible litigation services are personal so that you are supported from start to finish.

Family law

  • Family and Partner dispute resolution
  • Settlements outside of court

Are you going through hardship within your family? We have proven expertise to help resolve your disagreement, advise on your legal rights and yes, we can resolve your entitlements through mediation services outside of court. Save time and money on your legal fees, we’re with you into tomorrow.

Commercial and corporate law

  • Capital raising and joint ventures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Contract negotiations

Your emerging business deserves great counsel. We offer proven expertise supporting you through your commercial and corporate ventures, ensuring that the correct contractual choices assist growth for the future. Invite us to enjoy the ride with you.

Criminal law

Traffic law

  • Individuals
  • Groups

We know that bummed out feeling. It’s not ideal to have to face many of life’s unfortunate situations.
At New South Lawyers we can work with you to ease your concerns and build the best resolution for you.